Anonymous asked:
Van you post some more? Xxx

van? :O
-yes, I’ll post more pics :)

Anonymous asked:
Can you post some more pics of 80?

yeah, sure! :)

Anonymous asked:
you should upload more Adie pics, i love your posts :) and I miss your blog

aww, thank you so much ♥ I try to be active with the blog, but, I have so many things to study for the college, it’s not easy :P so.. well, I’ll try to upload more pics of adrienne :) thanks


Anonymous asked:
can you post some more pictures of Adrienne? :)

okey :)

589 plays 2000 Light Years Away Green Day Kerplunk


○Green Day Songs 20/???

"I sit outside and watch the sunrise
Lookout as far as I can
I can’t see her, but in the distance
I hear some laughter,
We laugh together”


American Idiot: Opening Night Of Final Tour Stop In Denver

Photos By John Moore

(Source: rocio-rae)